• IBC’s (through distributor partners)
  • Intermediate storage containers for rent with aux equipment (pumps, piping,..)
  • Vertical storage tanks with mixing for purchase/sale
  • Range of services (level control, maintenance & repair, on-site handling,…)


Consistent reagent quality, complying with the process requirements, is a precondition of smooth and safe operation of every water or wastewater plant. Carmeuse’s ability to consistently meet the exact specifications has given our customers a high degree of confidence in the quality and reliability of our products thanks to:
  • Our highest quality control standards during manufacturing
  • Our fully equipped laboratories ensuring that we meet every specification for every customer
Big remediation projects require large quantities of binders supplied in right timing. Selecting the best transportation option and providing adequate on-site reagent storage helps control costs and streamline operations. Carmeuse provides reliable and on-time delivery thanks to:
  • Strong relations with truck, rail, river, sea and lake carriers
  • A broad network of transportation terminals
  • A full staff of customer service specialists providing the best connection between our customers and the right Carmeuse expert


Carmeuse continues to innovate and make significant contributions to the lime industry. Carmeuse Research & Development team at Carmeuse is aimed at developing new products for water and waste treatment and expanding our knowledge in these branches. This focus allows us to:
  • Stay in step with our customers’ requirements
  • Open new functionalities for our products to exceed requirements
  • Offer latest development with our customer to reduce their total costs of ownership


Choice of the right reagent is a key to safe and cost effective operation at a water or biosolids treatment plant. Each dredging or remediation project has very specific conditions requiring customised reagents or binders.  
Thanks to large experience in in the environmental branch, our experts from the Carmeuse Application Technology team provide complex support to our customers, aiming at optimising their units’ performance at minimum costs. This support includes:
  • Operation and site audits
  • Lab analyses
  • Customised reagent and binders’ development to the operation / site
  • Troubleshooting at water / waste treatment installations
  • Consultancy and testing for our customers’ by-product reuse


The right design of a liming installation at the user’s site is a key to faultless, safe and economical operation. This concerns several steps as lime storage, handling, conveying and dosing as well as milk-of-lime preparation, pumping and injection. Over more than 15 decades, we have gathered complex knowledge and long-term experience in these operations. We are ready to support you in preparing and optimising your liming step, namely by: 
  • Consulting the liming unit design from lime discharge to the final dosing point
  • Providing the complete design of your liming step, including the milk-of-lime preparation
  • Building and operating your liming and/or a milk-of-lime unit as your subcontractor


The circular economy concept considers waste and by-products as valuable resources. This concerns many by-product types and reuse or recovery paths, as:
  • Coal combustion products (ashes, desulphurising gypsum) reuse in construction and remediation
  • Biosolids reuse in fields as organic amendment
  • Thermal recovery of combustible waste and by-products
Carmeuse operates hundreds of lime kilns and several binder blending stations. 
We can reuse the following by-products or recovered waste:
  • Solidified coal sludge as recovered fuel in our kilns
  • Coal combustion products as a compound of our blended binders
Carmeuse runs reclamation works in 50 quarries in Europe. Besides this experience, our application experts have comprehensive knowledge in by-product treatment and reuse and can provide you consultancy and designing support in:
  • Stabilised coal combustion products reuse in construction and remediation works
  • Solidified / stabilised sediments reuse in construction and landscaping
  • Lime-treated biosolids reuse as soil amendment in agriculture


Water and waste treatment installations use complex processes, which cannot afford any stoppage or complication when introducing new reagents and solutions. Pilot scale at a bypass line is the only feasible solution here.
Our Application Technology team owns and operates pilot units for product and process optimising in:
  • Milk-of-lime preparation
  • Biosolids treatment (pre-liming, post-liming, CODECAL process)
Together with our external partners, we also provide pilot units for trials of: 
  • Industrial sludge and biosolids dewatering
  • Solidification / stabilisation of sediments, industrial sludge, contaminated soils and coal combustion products