STABICALCO® Q quicklime and STABICALCO® S hydrate range can address all needs in CCP and solid waste treatment.  We offer milled lime products in purity and reactivity classes customized to the treatment process, as well as lime hydrate where requested as an alternative.​

STABICALCO® QD and QU are special product options for inorganic waste and CCP treatment. In special construction uses, pozzolanic reactions in stabilised CCP are delayed to enable its storage and transportation for a given time. Delayed reaction with water is required at mine grouting applications.

STABICALCO® QB and SB binders can be used to stabilise CCP where high initial strength is required. The binders’ composition is always adjusted to the specific site conditions. 

STABICALCO® M ready- made milk-of-lime can be a cost saving product for dense slurry CCP treatment

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