The BIOCALCO® product range was developed to fit main biosolids treatment processes to maximise the multiple effect of stabilisation, hygienisation and odour control by liming.​

BIOCALCO® S hydrate for sludge pre-liming, BIOCALCO® Q quicklime for sludge post-liming and for animal by-products treatment are the best product options.
Ready-made milk-of-lime can be an optimum product solution for sludge pre-liming. 

BIOCALCO® M ready-made milk-of-lime by Carmeuse, always with good pumping ability and low settling rate, can be delivered in a range of concentrations up to 50% dry solids. 

BIOCALCO® M 40 and M 50 are high concentrated ready-made milk-of-lime types with excellent performance and minimum transportation costs per unit of active substance.

BIOCALCO® QL, QD and QU are 3 different quicklime types developed for CODECAL® and PRODICAL® processes. Their reactivity can be customised to an individual installation’s needs.

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