AQUACALCO is a versatile product range for all industrial water installations from high purity process water treatment to heavy industry wastewater neutralisation and acid mine drainage control.​

AQUACALCO ® Q quicklime and AQUACALCO ® S hydrate with customised properties are delivered for industrial water treatment to fit their specific process needs. High reactive quicklime with low slaking residue is the best product for modern milk-of-lime
slaking units. Fine hydrated lime with low content of abrasive substances is an alternative to quicklime slaking.  

AQUACALCO ® M ready-made milk-of-lime product family by Carmeuse is the optimum product solution for small and medium-size water treatment plants. Always with good pumping ability and low settling rate, this product can be delivered in a range of concentrations up to 50% dry solids.

AQUACALCO ® QL and QD are controlled reactivity quicklime types, which can be used for integrated neutralisation / precipitation / dewatering processes.

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