STABICALCO® Q quicklime and STABICALCO® S hydrate range can address many processes in sludge and soil decontamination. We offer milled lime products in quality and reactivity classes customized to the treated matrix, as well as lime hydrate to optimize treatment costs.​

STABICALCO® QL, QD and QU are controlled reactivity quicklime types for inorganic sludge solidification. For petrochemical sludge treatment, its reaction heat can be suppressed to comply with specific process requirements.

STABICALCO® QB and SB binders can be used for inorganic or organic sludge types as well as soil decontamination where high initial strength is required. Its composition is adjustable to the final use, mechanical and chemical properties required.
Milled limestone is requested in specific sludge treatment processes. We produce milled limestone of high purity and fineness customized to the application and can supply it together with a chosen alkali reagent or binder type as a complete product package solution.

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