All industrial wastewater treatment plants use a chemical step to remove main pollutants. Lime products provide necessary pH for this step and support pollutants precipitation for removal.

INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT Industrial wastewater composition is very much specific to a given industrial branch and an individual plant. However, practically all industrial wastewater treatment plants use a conventional chemical step to remove main pollutants. Most of the chemical processes applied here require pH control and/or individual pollutants’ precipitation steps. 
Combined wastewater pollution (organic, biological, inorganic) occurs in certain cases. Liming is used here not only for neutralisation and inorganic pollutants’ precipitation but also to flocculate organic substances, enabling their removal in further steps.

Key applications

Key benefits of wastewater treatment with the AQUACALCO range
  • Consistent quality and hence the performance in a wastewater plant
  • Minimum abrasive particles, which could affect the liming step operation  
  • Constant quality check for all active substances
  • Available in many forms: Quicklime, hydrated lime and ready-made milk-of-lime
  • The product range is completed with milled limestone for cost-effective 2-step neutralisation
  • Significant costs reduction for ready-made milk-of-lime users when high concentrated grades (AQUACALCO M 40, M 50) are used